Anastasia Beverly Hills "DIPBROW" Demo

UPDATED BROW ROUTINE VIDEO HERE!!!! =D (Updated September 30th 2014)

Hi guys in this video I'm going to show you how I fill in my brows using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown. I hope that this is helpful for you!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown
  • Zumba_mama_of_4

    Is it me or do all eyebrows tutorials end up with same shape. Let's be more unique.

  • Olivia G-H

    Love this! What brush did you use? 💖

  • Nancy Preciado

    Subscribed & loved. Based on your mellow, relaxing music. You're awesome!

  • Makeupcorner Myaa••

    Iam having a problem with my dipbrow, when I dip the brush in lightly it Dosent have much product on so I did it more and I started doing my brows and it's very light on the skin and I don't have much control with it And I have a anisasia brow brush I don't have much control, I do not recommend!'

  • Adelucio Queiroz

    por favor qual cor é essa

  • AbsolutelyNothing

    Hello this is chef John from food wishes. Com

  • Isabel Lopez

    You made this look so much easier compared to other YouTubers👍🏽

  • Sherry Loyer

    O can't do it at all

  • Abbey Horman

    what colour is the dip brow u are using

  • fuckkinposer

    So hard to watch... you are talking way to much about the several steps.... and extremely slow/tiring

  • Gigio rodz

    i need a super thin and cheap brush😓

  • Rachel Young

    Get to it. Too much sloooow talking.

  • Rebecca Marr

    Could anyone tell me the colour of this and the name of the shade that is 1 shade loghter so hard to decide!! X

  • daria vorobyeva

    I'm thinking about ordering the dipbrow thingie but I'm not sure at all which colour would be the best to my brows so I'm just basically watching every single dipbrow video to see what every colour looks like lmao 😂 love your eyes & eyebrows

  • Ammarie gg

    Does Auburn work on you ?

  • bre bre

    best tutorial, very helpful☺

  • Kimberly Cox

    Super beautiful 🌼 Great demo thank u 💜

  • Shiela Mae Pasoy

    what was the shade? ebony?anyone please. thanks

  • Judith

    I'm having trouble in which shade to choose chocolate or dark brown 🙄😩 can anyone help (;

  • Desiree Baker

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about. These are the most natural looking brows/tutorial I've seen. If you want to look "natural" then don't wear makeup. But it's a well made tutorial and informative

  • Lee Ann The Mermaid

    what would you recomend for someone with very dark brown hair, like it basically looks black.

  • kakiexo14

    Omg these pathetic comments need to go else where. Just nit pic her words apart geeze. Her brows ain't for everyone & if it isn't to the next video 💁🏼

  • Elise P

    Was lookin kinda cray cray until i saw the final look lol. your hair color seems like ebony would be a better match. on another note, love your nose absolutely love the shape. perfect.

  • erin houston

    Love this video! What shade are you using?

  • Daniela Fiestas-Paredes

    Omg your eyebrows look awesome!!I will try it to tonight! Thanks for posting it 😄

  • Fifty

    i am going to order the Anastasia Beverly hill dip brow

  • Ashley Valley

    dude anybody else tired of the stupid AMEX commercials with Tina Fey, tell me what that has to do with dip brow

  • Mike Yuschock

    I've been torn on buying this for a while, but DAMN you slayed it. This was all the convincing I needed, thank you!

  • Erin McCafferty

    what colour did you use???

  • Craaazy Gyal

    did u just say natural ???.... it doesn't look natural at all.

  • Shay Bass

    your contacts kept distracting me 😂

  • Fellow Commenter

    tbh your eyebrows look kinda bad, they are bit too overdrawn and look like sharpie... ;-; u should just fill in within your eyebrow

  • ItsRhi

    What colour did she use?

  • Madison DiCaprio

    I'm soooo late to comment as I see the older ones, but tbh I actually love how you filled them in. I honestly do pretty much the same look every time I do my brows. I like actually like these type of brow looks🤷🏻‍♀️. Keep doing you, I love this video😌

  • jane mike

    nice and good creativity

  • Adriana Aljurdi

    Great tutorial! Love your eye shape. Thank you.

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