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  • Daniel Bostick

    another great review mike. keeping it real as always. looks like they took your icon deck design. hope you getting some $ from that!

  • Bart Simpson

    Mike,From your fellow queens neighbor:What are your thoughts on the perseus vs. gaia vs. alpine? I really like the perseus for the ease of cotton placement but it seems either the gaia or alpine has a denser flavor.

  • Serve And Collect

    the deck is the iCon's. They just gave it there on little slots. hmmm

  • scyra99

    Hey Mike! What's the best dual coil rda? im looking for a rda under 40 bucks that will give me a good vape, Thanks!

  • ahfu25

    I'm new to rda's. I have the icon and didn't know I could put the leads from both coils in the same ports like you did in this video. Gonna try it!

  • billy shuller

    man sounds like vandy vape is killing it i cant wait to get some extra cash and buy some vandy products

  • darkgtprince

    nice review. definitely glad i picked this up. quick question on the wicking. why wouldn't you put the cotton all the way in the tank? why cut it off towards the top? is there a benefit/loss to doing it one way to another? this is my first rdta, so sorry if its a stupid question.

  • Darth Xibalba

    looks cool,decent capacity, but I don't know about the price point,& that locking mechanism seems janky

  • Elaine Brewer Davis


  • Jordan T

    Very nice RDTA, need to get me some Vandy Vapes products

  • jason budd

    I think I may have a Cold in the Post too ;-( Nice RDTA Mike. I should have my Icon RDA tomorrow , i'm goona put the BF pin in & Squonk on my new Drone ;-) Thanks for sharing buddy !

  • Bruce Juice

    Trying to subscribe and it won't let me I'll try later

  • Mohammed Albrahim

    Great review Mike. If it was not for the inconvenient filling method, this could have been the best rdta. Well... restricted air flow is not my thing either. I'm still thinking the Alpine and Gaia might be the best available options to date. I'm waiting for a review on the Merlin though... would certainly appreciate that.

  • Mr_Redemtion4

    I kind of like the looking feature,,,it's the one thing I wished the rdta classic had

  • daboysantiago

    would like to get your icon but its not hitting the Australian market yet... hope it comes out here soon!!! thanks for your reviews...

  • Georgia Trammell

    Thank you for the awesome review Mike 👍🏼👍🏼 I really like #vandyvapes , one day I am going to have to get me one of these, really like it!! #whatsuppeeps

  • David Benoualid

    Hi, how does it compare to the Avocado 24 (not the bottom airflow one)?

  • Elaine Brewer Davis


  • Harvey Townsend

    I'm enjoying my aromamizer with my cornbread pudding juice

  • cloud_ freak_

    perseus killed the medusa LOOOOL

  • Ali Jaber

    hello guys ! kylin or perseus ?

  • Jason Hohe

    Could I put four coils on this? I'm new to RDTAs and am experimenting with builds

  • -D E V I L

    Not a fan of bottom airflows

  • matias adi

    This is good rdta, but the airflow locking system is so bad, the metal part inside for the locking system is so tiny, my Perseus can't unlock because the metal part inside that holding the airflow is broken, so it's just spinning around and I can't take it off

  • Alex S

    Is this better than the avocado 24? Im stuck between purchasing the avocado or the perseus

  • Michael Lucenti

    Looks awesome but RDTAs I just can't get in to myself tho. Great review as usual. You are the motherfucking shiznit, Mikey Mike. Best vape reviewer on the planet Earph!!!! #MalakaTangClanAintNothingToFuckWith

  • Jill Snoddon

    That locking system is not that hard to work, I don't see it as a con at all rather a pro. Takes patience to do...NO!

  • Tim Stout

    127k Mike! Awesome, doesn't seem long ago you were shooting for 100k congrats brother.

  • TrippinT

    Reminds me the the medusa but with a clear juice well.

  • David R

    Great review Mike, thank you

  • Nick Barnhart

    Thanks Mikey m f Vapes for turning me onto Joe Turner butterscotch is on its way

  • Code Bite

    New e-liquid recipe app for iOS, check it out -->

  • Kid Cupid

    I just purchased this rdta and its awsome i was hating on the locking mechanism first but a bit of ejuice on the oring and and it fixed the problem i had the avocado 24 but the center pin has super fine threads and it kept getting stripped also much better build deck velocity style decs put too much preasure on the positive post imo

  • Amisuna Berthelsen


  • abbaas malik

    I reckon rdta 5 pisses all over that 😲

  • moparlover55

    +Mike Vapes - I noticed you have a lot of reviews on 24mm RDTA's. I am a "huge" fan of flavor chasing ! So, out of all the 24mm RDTA's you have reviewed/tested, which would you recommend for the "best" flavor producer ?? Thanks, Al

  • JP

    Vandy Vape is releasing some awesome products.

  • Cr4zy Goose

    i honestly say i love this tank so much that i bought a 2nd one. Its a perfect rdta in single or dual coil mode. Anyone want some free avacado 24s? i dont need them anymore lol

  • Dago Vapes

    I have a Perseus "RDTA" that I bought back in 2015... when we still called them "gennies". It's a 28mm version and it used to live on top of an old 2x26650 Hammond leaner. It was the first genny I ever saw with 3mm wicking holes but the airflow was barely what you could call DTL. I guess I need to break it out and see if I still have some mesh...

  • Yevgeny Kats

    Just got it yesterday and absolutely loving it totally awesome great job Mike

  • John Luu

    thanks Mike. can't get enough of rdta's and rta's.

  • John Hotdogs

    All of these RDTA looking the same to me. Bet it don't vape much different then all the others .

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