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Hey guys! I got so many requests to do an eyebrow tutorial,so here it is.I hope you find this video helpful :)

Products Used :
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Medium Brown) - http://bit.ly/2xxjamF
Essence Make Me Brow Gel ( 01 Blondy Brows ) - http://bit.ly/2zfEUrk
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (15) - http://bit.ly/2xxtACE

Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush
Sigma E56 - Use discount code " denitslava " for 10% off https://goo.gl/wJGZZC

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Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9

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  • Kálita Santos

    Hello, I really want to buy ABH products, but I live in Brazil, and it costs twice the price here. But I've learned to import makeup products ...I want to buy these two palettes and pomade (https://goo.gl/1t3d39, https://goo.gl/d3PckR, https://goo.gl/nGdd8W)These sites are well priced and reliable! Would you like to know if they indicate these products? Are they worth it?Success!www.beijocolorido.comKisses from Brazil!

  • Raneem Mosleh Daboss

    I have natural perfect eyebrows I just like to watch eyebrow videos for some reason

  • Eshe Khaled

    You got beautiful eyes😍😍

  • Nat Bro

    Very good video just I can’t stand her voice no hate please

  • megan farez

    i got to admit i love her so much because of the fact that she shows and tells us what product she used

  • drict elle

    How old are you dear

  • Sassy Mandy

    The thumbnail is kind of deceiving.. it just doesn't look like the pic

  • Hanerz Tolop

    You're very pretty and I really like your make-up tutorials 💕

  • Prince mattius Restrivera

    Aww...yes I understand me...

  • Tommy Bommy

    Seriously we're is this girl from here accent sounds like a cross between Japanese and Russian

  • Devin Terrazas

    No. U drew them on way too long. They would look good otherwise. The end of ur eyebrow should end at the end of ur eye. Not past it. U did it just a liiiiittle too bit too long

  • اياد المرزوك

    I Love you very interesting and beautiful 😍😍

  • makeup. AvaRosexo

    I need my brows waxed

  • Alexis Britt

    Oh god do i need one on one help and other things started living my life as a girl in 2014 anyone in Kelowna

  • Jordanimitalian :

    Wait......How did it feel to be blind?

  • Maryama Abdisalam aniga waa iga diyaar xmdaay

    It's so beautifull

  • Dalila Elizabeth

    I loved it when she said "it does the job" it was super cute lol

  • Noémie Gingras

    hi can you make a video were you show us how you do your eyebrow how you tweeze them

  • Cinta cristal

    Cute ,beautifully...😍

  • Gűlben andTedi

    I think she is TURKISH....

  • M A Halim

    You are so much talkative

  • Frank Quintana

    So what kind of makeup did you use to fill in your eyebrows with and where can you buy it

  • mkeilah

    thanks i finally got that brow stuff and now i look gooooddd

  • Nynke de Jong

    Is medium brown a warm toned color?

  • ٪&&- Tas

    واوو كتير حلوين فديوهاتك انتمنا لكي التوفيق دائما😘😘😘😍😍

  • Jinx

    Next video: How to get dem Liza brows

  • Raneem Mosleh Daboss

    She’s pretty and her voice sounds cute

  • lahja abiatar

    I don't do anything to my eyebrows

  • MyNameIsBetter ThanYours

    Im a beginner at my brows and onfg today i messed up so bad w my brows i overdid them and they looked so bad and i went to school like that 💀💩

  • Elika shirazi

    im so sorry <3 everybody makes mistake

  • H. Ella's nails

    My brows need shape never seem to do them the way it should

  • Lin ahm

    Woww...very beautiful

  • Free mind

    First time I notice she has green eyes

  • 2008MrsKim

    UGH! I did exactly what you did but somehow I ended up looking like the red Andry Bird.

  • Kanwal Hunny

    You can very beautiful girl in the world that.,,S is easy eye brows and very beautiful eyes in osum

  • starvinArtist LA

    My eyebrows grew with pure coconut oil!!!

  • shalini sasidharan

    lovely teaching.. mam can u say how to maintain our face without any wrinkles on forehead and to get rid of dry skin.. I have fair tone but always express to be dull.. if possible can u reply can u help bcoz I have no remedy n no idea how to maintain..

  • Ambar A

    OMG I love your accent❤❤

  • cutezeeHD87


  • Unique Blends

    Denit you are amazing, love ur accent and your so bubbly

  • Erza Scarlet


  • Sandra Ardila

    Her accent is just... Different and super cute. Where are you from?

  • Mõłłŷ B

    Thank you, oh and also when you said I just get a little bit then you puts some on your eyebrows did you not gets some more or did you just the brush that made dipped in in the eyebrow bowl I'm so confused?

  • Sounggee Lee

    I know the title of the video says Eyebrows,but i was like hmmmm eyeliner 🙁

  • zierra frazier

    Danielle bergolli look alike

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