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Hey guys! I got so many requests to do an eyebrow tutorial,so here it is.I hope you find this video helpful :)

Products Used :
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Medium Brown) - http://bit.ly/2xxjamF
Essence Make Me Brow Gel ( 01 Blondy Brows ) - http://bit.ly/2zfEUrk
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (15) - http://bit.ly/2xxtACE

Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush
Sigma E56 - Use discount code " denitslava " for 10% off https://goo.gl/wJGZZC

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Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9

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  • ximena arriaga

    You are so pretty!!!

  • Ariana Martinez

    Lol i start from the front then the back

  • Budhimaan Bhul

    You are loking very beautiful

  • marissa

    i love her accent ... very beautiful ❤

  • Kaveesha Sam

    my anastasia dip brow is almost overrrrr i really need to buy a new one but its like 50 dollars

  • Patti Cake

    Thanks. However they look so much thinner than the thumbnail brows

  • Isabel Mbano

    love it. it looks stanning .

  • chloe bowler

    eyebrows r the hardest thing 2 do while I do my make - up . gonna attempt these eyebrows hope it works.

  • Pranoti Bhake

    my eyebrows are naturally thick and shaped

  • Isabel Mbano

    love it. it looks sturning

  • Melanie Knight

    So I'm stupid for watching this f video bitch u did good at the end at the front bitch your eyebrow was really messed up

  • Andree Cang

    It was uploaded on my birthday!

  • zee ten

    I just came to know how hard it is.. Not for me lol

  • BlueEyed Scorpio

    You're adorable!! 🤗🤗😊

  • lizz jean

    Thx u so munch. I got eyebrows stuff today and I did them steep by steep. Thx u i learned something new💗😊

  • Shailja Vashistha

    My gosh she is too cute 😉😍😙.

  • Hira Malik

    Your hands looking 💋💋💋💋💋💋😘😘❤❤💋💋❤❤❤

  • Isabel Mbano

    love it. it looks stanning .

  • Ana Silvia SG

    that was so easy and quick... Something that never works on me 😁💔😞

  • Kristina Rackauskyte

    Should do it little bit closer to camera can’t see properly the point

  • priyanka Das

    very nice......thank you so much for this tutorial...

  • olivia mverechena

    you do yor brows like a pro!

  • lemontea128

    What eyeliner did you use?

  • Abigail Stein

    My biggest problem is finding a good eyebrow shape that works for me (they always end up looking way too arched ugh) and... the biggest problem that we all face... symmetry 💀

  • Pranoti Bhake

    but you are so beautiful

  • pinkjay3

    oh god your voice is so cute

  • Isabel Mbano

    love it. it looks sturning

  • bo spalink

    My eyebrows still look like shit

  • Alison Alejandra

    You should put subtitles in Spanish I'm suffering: (

  • Tammy

    youre so cute omg i love ur accent

  • MissBucaneve

    You are a doll so beauty

  • Samanta Dumagat

    i love it very much....<3

  • Munny Khan

    you r so cute n ur talks just jhakkas 👌

  • alexa mancera

    I got a eyebrow tattoo ad no joke

  • Rusya Figova

    Ты русская?Необычный акцентYou are from Russia?You have nice accentСтыдно за "идеальное знание" языка

  • galaxy unicorn

    I have a channel it is galaxyunicorn

  • Miriam Smith

    New sub! I absolutely love your videos and you are adorable! Definitely enjoy the watching your videos.

  • Crystal-Lee Kapa

    You should of zoomed in when you did this tutorial because its hard to see from far away. Its not like we needed to see your whole face :(

  • Kseniya Dmtrieva

    Очень милая! Привет из России!))

  • forever kpop

    you know what i'll just stick with my bushy eyebows

  • suheyba Abdullhi Oomar

    so nice God bless you dear I like it

  • Sophia Pereg7rino

    New subscriber here😍❤

  • Edilia

    There is something strangely pleasant about her accent and voice...

  • Maddie Hargrove

    She sounds like Marzia

  • donna rothamer

    false eyelash application for beginner

  • Serena Hernandez

    I love her makeup tutorials and her winged liner, but it just dawned on me that she sounds a little like Anežka from Jane the Virgin??

  • arza sukahari

    i loved when she said bye 😍😍

  • LemonDropTop

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