Speed Drawing of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 | Jasmina Susak

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Cómo Dibujar un Hombre Araña 2 Speed Draw Zeichnung pagguhit Dessin Dibujo Рисование örümcek adam 2 çizimi
  • Macnavor

    What colors are those???

  • Rachmat Suherman

    pensil warna merek apa yah?

  • Yassou Ending

    Where did you buy color , web link ? :)

  • snoop dog

    Hi, I love your drawings, you could do some, on a black leaf; I'm from Mexico xd

  • Obie Aaron

    How do you draw like that?? I suck at drawing 😥😥😥

  • Ranvir Ranvir.s

    v. v. v. v. v. good drawing🎨

  • Licia Carmem Beatriz

    Que talento maravilhoso um dia eu vou querer fazer isso também

  • Spidey_cosplayer1243

    What song plays at the beginning?

  • Shubham Arora

    you are a such a good artist

  • Gerardo 199

    amigo te la rifaste eres un pro dibujando

  • Yash Panchal

    mam I just love your drawings

  • Alec DRAWS

    What pencils where you using

  • Jasmina Susak

    Hey Guys :)You can get my how-to-draw eBooks for only $1-$2 on Payhip: https://payhip.com/jasminasusakYou will get full PDF files with drawing tutorials, illustrated and written by me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just to show me your drawings. :)

  • Ricardo Reyes

    wish i can do that man

  • pankaj Sharma

    wow! what a magical drawing

  • Emilia Herrera. Bustos

    me encantó dibuja a Spiderman con Mari yane Watson

  • Sandhya Gandhi

    hi Jasmina! I'm one of the biggest fans of yours.Please can you draw any of the characters from mortal Kombat game series🤗😁. Please reply soon

  • Gaming Legend

    Man I wanna draw like you

  • Shahadath Hossain

    It is toooooooooooo much bad bad bad bad bad bad

  • Armand Pomel

    dommage qu' au début on ne voit assez bien le crayon a papier mais sinon ces super !!!!! ;)

  • Nishant singh

    what type of colours were used in this drawing

  • Vladan Covic

    Hi Jasmina, do you speak maybe yugslavian language??

  • Nadine Spartalis

    Hi Jasmina, firstly i would like to say wow, i love your drawings, but my little lad loves them even more, he loves to sit and watch and learn, he is only 6 at the moment but seems to have a talent, would love to show you some of his drawings, he wants to learn how to make his drawings more life like, at the moment he just copies, all free hand, im also curious as to what you recommend in regards to pencils, where would i send a couple of his drawings, would love some feedback from you :) thanks

  • Måţ TM

    You press down so hard 😥

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