Spider-Man Face Shell Magnetic Eye Frames - Assembling 3D Printed Mask

The essential part of completing the perfect spiderman suit replica is the Face Shell Set. Here’s an instructional video on how to assemble it.

You can get the Face Shell Set here:

Check out the new video of the 100% movie accurate face shell set here:

SpideyPlanet youtube channel:


The spiderman face shell mask and eye frames are 3D printed using the SLS technique. Quality of the plastic is fantastic, it's strong yet slightly flexible. The eye frames are 3D printed in the same material as the face shell mask.
For a perfect finish the eye frames are painted by surfacer paint, polished thoroughly with 3 different grits of sand paper to get the surface super smooth, then airbrushed with a metallic black paint. The result is beautifully smooth eye frames with perfect light reflection and metallic effect. It takes time but it's totally worth the effort since the eyes are such an important part of the final impression of the spiderman costume.
The convex lenses are hand-made. They don't only give a light reflection to the eyes, they also deepen the eye lenses by 2 millimeter, which gives a feel that the eyes are actually 'inside' the spider-man mask. The deeper eyes can only be achieved because the eye frames actually sink inside eye holes of the face shell. To increase the deep eyes effect, the mesh is airbrushed with a shadow edge. Something they did not do for the first spider-man movie in 2002, yet was added to the design for the second spiderman movie in 2004.
The spider man costume face shell set is completed with a pair of anti-fog lenses, that prevent the convex lenses from fogging up.

The raw 3D printed material can be damaging to the fabric of the spider-man costume mask. Therefore it’s important to sand the face shell thoroughly. Don’t worry about the face shell losing some of its black color. Test with a piece of fabric on the spiderman shell if the surface is smooth enough. Draw a dot on each magnet, all on the same pole side, to make sure the magnets will attract and not bounce. Any type of super-glue can be used for glueing down the magnets. Glue the magnets into the spiderman face shell with the black dot outwards. Glue the magnets into the spiderman eye frames with the black dot inwards.

More about me and the spider-man suit I made can be found here:
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    Is everything 3D Printed?

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    ases LADE Batman del futuro

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    The eyes are magnets

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    getting punched in the face with that thing on would be a bitch

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    Where can I get a mask made like this?

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