Updated Eyebrow Tutorial Here

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---- Products Used ------

Mac Brow finisher

Tarte Emphaseyes eyes brow pencil in medium brown

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow in dark brown

Benefit Give me brows brow gel

Motives Cosmetics Concealer in amber


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http://bit.ly/Canon-5dIII .

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  • Melanie

    Isnt balding in thr ends of the eyebrows a sign of systemic issues? Usually the thyroid/hormones? Mine were continually thining until it got to a pont where ppl noticed it on the regular. I was 35 and had been eating so many foods i had sensitivities to (gut allergy/autoimmunity). I quit gluten then a year and a half later realized chicjen egg and fish. 8 months later lamb. A year later all ragweed related plants... Sunflower, safflower, lettuce, stevia etc.My eyebrows are amazing now !! Well amazing for me.. Im happy, soo happy nowOh also i left out the part where at 32 i started waking up clawing my neck in my sleep (thyroid area). It had happened before in my twenties but had went away. This time it persisted altho severity went up and down. Now if my thyroid gets puffy i take 3 drops liquid of kelp derived iodine over the course of 3 days. You can skip days. Don't wanna take too much. And sometimes i just take 5 drops initially and im good.Anyway i eat right for my body and im doing really well now! 💪

  • shaiska

    this tutorial is great,Desi has the same eyebrow problem as me,we both have hardly any eyebrow hair's but atleast she knows how to make hers look fantastic! mine sucks big time! Desi thank you for showing me how to do my eyebrows right!

  • Maria C. Delgado

    Hi Desi, that was a great job, I suffer of hypothyroidism and overplucked the tails of my brows and then one day I woke up without my tails either, have you use castor oil on you eyebrows at night?, It worked for me, I hope it works for you too.Thanks for the demo.

  • Develyn Reyes

    What color do you use:)

  • Shshxh Lov

    omg.. u are so pretty can't even look

  • Susana Sanchez

    Love it 😍 I wish I can get mines done like this

  • Le Chan Yu

    You're so amazing. I've learnt a lot ;)

  • Meoshameka Taylor

    How do you keep the tail end of your eyebrows in place that you created using the dip brow? I find over time mine fades away.

  • Celeina Baird

    MAC and Benefit both tests on animals, you're brows are so incredibly stunning Desi. However, there are great alternatives to these brands. Glossier has a great brow gel called Boy Brows for instance! I love your look but perhaps it would be beneficial if people with such a huge social media platform could speak out! Thanks girl.

  • jessica cedeno

    Wow- you are so brave legit you’re the only youtuber who exposes their insecurities like that !! You’re such an inspiration 💕💕💕

  • sandra mastrangelo

    The best eye make up that I have ever seen. The wing liner is perfection......

  • Willy Tollefsen

    I wish I could do my brows like yours but no matter how many times I tried it didn’t work. I’m so bummed. Love yours just gorgeous!

  • Zerin Nawar

    What brush have you used with the pomade?

  • Feriel Liane

    Wow it looks so natural am impressed # perfection

  • Lnwales L

    My brows are too thick i dont put more clor on it coz i look likes mud..😂😂...your brows are nice...

  • Keona Jordan Music & Tips

    Omg no matter how many times I watch these brow videos its so hard to get them perfect like this lol.

  • G Cool

    She should take a really thin pencil that's darker than her dipbrow to make fake hairs.

  • Willy Tollefsen

    Beautiful eyebrows I wish I had the same......

  • Bethany Castro

    This was probably the first makeup tutorial I ever watched when I was like 13 years old.. how time flies 💓

  • Doreyde Vázquez

    Please do a tutorial on that eye shadow! Love it

  • Cécile Clausen

    Thank you for all your videos !!!! <3

  • Kristina Villasenor

    Love this eyebrow tutorial 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Gabriela Rosillo

    Beautiful!!! I must practice now. Thank you.

  • Suga

    I pluck my eyebrows once in a blue moon lmao why am I watching this

  • Chris Nicholson

    Beautiful!!! Thanks!

  • Lindsay Spoonie

    I’m so glad to see someone else whos eyebrows are not naturally perfect. Thank you for showing us 💜

  • L Michelle M

    So, so, so loved this! ❤️ Completely random, but have you ever had your thyroid levels checked? Sparse and balding brows at the ends of the brow are a symptom of thyroid difficulties. People assume it’s from years of poor plucking habits, but that’s not always the case. Hopefully, no issues for you though! Much love!

  • Doreyde Vázquez

    Amazing! Thank you for this and for showing the products step by step ❤️

  • Tabitha Norton

    Best brow tutorial ever! Never be ashamed, you’re beautiful!!!

  • Melanie

    Does anyone question why/how thats possible to mess up ur brows by plucking them??I believe you can start an autoimmune reaction. And its the reason after plucking and after the redness and sometimes right away you'll see the whitness in the area (immune cells). I have seen several people quit plucking and nurture their brows back with castor oil. Also my ex husbands mother who continually dyed her hair altho reacting to the dye (allergy, even her daughter tried to tell her soo many times) refused to switch methods or brands or admit she had an allergy to the dyes started dying her brows. Well now her hair is extremely thinned and her eyebrows are non existent and guess what thats blamed on? Age. And plucking!Myths of brows. Truth is its a sensitive area. Probably because its next to your eye.. Hello! Lol. And the body just doesnt have an explanation for plucking. Think about it. When / how would that ever happen in nature? An infection? Yeah. You irritate the brow the body sends immune cells to the hair follicles.Also as i stated in my comment to this video other autoimmunities that will affect or eventually affect your thyroid will cause thinning, mainly in the tail end of your eyebrow. Mine was caused by multiple food sensitivities. 👍Good luck figuring ur bodies out.I have seen multiple ppl recover thier plucked brows by abstaining from plucking and applying castor oil. (If castor doesnt wrk for u u probably have a sensitivity and should try a diff oil👍)Anyway dont just give up blindly k 👌

  • Mabel Gabriels

    OK so who is seeing this in December 2017?????

  • Lily is

    I have never plucked my hairs in my life and eat healthy (i barely eat junk and always am on the vitamins and protien game) but my eyebrows are thin and invisible. these turorials help because i have very light eyebrows and its hard to figure out where im supposed to put a shape without looking crazy.

  • Shanjida Hoq

    Still remmeber when u first started your channel! Look how far you've come!!! You deserve it :)

  • Lindsay Spoonie

    You’re such a great artist 💜😍

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