How to draw Lego Marvel Comics minifigures compilation video

Learn how to draw Lego Captain America, Deadpool, Ironman, Spiderman, Ghost Rider, The Hulk, Star Lord and Wolverine, then watch as we color them in!

Captain America 0:00
Deadpool 5:48
Ghost Rider 10:35
The Hulk 13:58
Ironman 17:55
Spiderman 22:52
Star Lord 26:44
Wolverine 32:45

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  • Lucas Oliveira

    Fas a canário Negro de lego

  • Rodnei Andrade

    Ele fez a mão errado

  • Natalia Acuña

    Novela mexicana por tu por

  • Vionadesfierrarhamadini rhamadini


  • fatin smule

    superman fatin kiss love to

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