Dramatic Brow Tutorial 1

This is an eyebrow tutorial using an eyebrow pencil.

So I wanted to to clarify some things, this is not a natural brow tutorial which is pretty obvious!! The information in the beginning is not to be taken as "the rule" just an idea for those trying to get an understanding of where you can start your eyebrows, where an arch can go, and where you can possibly end it. It's JUST a suggestion! I prefer my brows closer together but that's just MY PERSONAL style. As the video says you don't have to do every step. It is all OPTIONAL! I created this video to give others an idea and nothing has to be done this way. This is how I do my eyebrows from time to time. If you don't like it that's great you can move on. Thanks!!

Also for those asking, the color of the brow pencil is medium brown by NYX cosmetics.
  • Carolyn Fletcher

    it helped, loved it!!

  • vicky trecy okay

    I really want learn this..

  • Ms. January

    loved this tutorial, made it look so easy


    wow dis is soo easy and nice .big ups

  • Jasmin Cruz

    Try using a concealer closer to your skin color. :-)

  • Mankya Mwasha

    I wasn't serious about that but by now I am...bravo

  • Carolyn Fletcher

    it helped, loved it!!

  • ShAnZa NaAz#

    Nonsense looking to much fake 

  • Adriana Alves

    poison tintura para sobrancelhas,alguém conhece?

  • tamirirana mazvita sadomba

    Please use concealer closer to your skin colour😊

  • Tatiana Roberson

    💀💀💀 oh noooooo 😂 the concealer

  • תומאס דניאל

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  • Ririn Renia

    ini yg nmya bntuk alis yg bnr bnr precfek

  • Mercy Monceda

    i really love it..how i wish i can do it in my own. thanks

  • Patricia Knights

    Great tutorial. Even I can do my eyebrows properly and I am not that great with applying make up.


    wow dis is soo easy and nice .big ups

  • Alice Graves

    thanks for not having loud horrible  music.  Very simple, very nice.     Alice

  • Mary Greenside

    cool. I really want to perfect this.

  • Letty Garza

    At least use a concealer closer to your skin color. Ijs....

  • Barbie Nemeth

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