CNC Turning Centre mod. CTX alpha 450 TC (

Used vertical and horizontal machine centers CNC:

    Pity about that shit music ........I wanted to hear the machine working....

  • SmalltimR

    That's because Mazak is run by a bunch of dinosaurs.

  • Joceley Online

    salario altissimo...essa maquina é cobrada por hora de serviço

  • RoboTekno

    Now your next challenge, have it make me a sandwich >:D

  • Sergey Starodubcev

    У DMG компании я считал самым крутым станком CTX gamma 2000 TC, но лишь до просмотра этого видео. Теперь я похоже поменял свое мнение. Охренеть, крутой станочек. Спасибо.

  • dtiydr

    I could be wrong but i think this cost close to a small countrys BNP.

  • panpeti

    program writing is more interesting than the machine

  • gredangeo

    One of the reasons why I don't like Mazak. They obscure your vision to much. DMG's visiport is also, the best thing I ever seen on a machine.

  • des mes

    Justin Bieber brute-force Youtube, et voté 4 fois.

  • wagnersson

    insan evladı bunları yapabiliyorsa, tahminettiğimden çok çok daha ileri bir düzeyde demek ki

  • gredangeo

    I find it awesome that DMG has huge fuckin' windows compared to Mazak. They wanna show what they're doin'. :)

  • GnosisMan50

    awesome music too

  • MM .K

    which company buys new machines like this? i want to work in one!!!!

  • Sebastian Negele

    Wow i honestly don't know how anyone could be foolish enough to buy a car for the kind of money this machine costs, i'd take the machine every day, just amazing to think about the kind of parts you can make with it

  • tgchan

    i don't know what it is but it is amazing!

  • gredangeo

    Did I just... goddamn it, I need to learn how to read again. ಠ_ಠ

  • asdpen1s

    dear santa.... holy shit, this awesome!

  • Bahadır Uzun

    material , tools , feeds and speeds , passes , ?

  • Miguel Vázquez

    is wonderful, very beautiful.

  • Aleksey Sharoshkin

    Who knows the name of the track?

  • TheKingdomOfDragons

    That had to take a Lot of careful programming o.o Very nice machine ^^

  • Strothy2

    Any1 neds a kidney i need some money...

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