How I Fill In My Eyebrows

Sorry for the bad quality guys! The video got messed up while uploading :(

Products used:
1. NYC Eyebrow Pencil: Can be found at your local convenient/drug store for $0.99
2. Spooly: Can be found at a beauty supply store
3. MAC eyeshadow
4. MAC Studio Finish Concealer
5. Flat brush for concealer, and small angled brush for apply eyeshadow

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  • Samerra Dean

    yeeees I love your brows.... Brows on fleek!!!! #Amen


    What color eyeshadow did you use?

  • Christy Jimson

    Your eyebrows are just beautiful and your technique is simple. I've enjoyed all of the eyebrow videos I've watched so far, but this is my favorite

  • leslie loc

    I swear I HATE brow vids cus they so hard n idk how to explain it but I DEFINITELY love yours )':

  • Young Cookiie

    Ive see this girls eyebrows all over the place and now i found her video lol

  • Ingaluthando Dyidi

    it looks so easy until I do it🙇😭😭😭

  • misstexasdiamond

    love the brows. I subscribed.

  • Ashley Ellis


  • Lion Lia

    Hey, i'am from germany! Where can i get this eyebrow pencil? And what's the name of this pencil..please help me :))

  • Kate Percival

    My eyebrows are horrible ! I hate them so much. I really want nice bold brows and I found this. It's a amazing method and I will try.

  • Omorogiuwa Edna

    simply Awesome! I love it!

  • Nelisiwe Give

    Loving everything mwaaa

  • tota alzwahr

    رائع mmmaaaaaazzziing

  • misstexasdiamond

    love the brows. I subscribed.

  • Haydee Car

    Wow!! I really like how ur eyebrows turned out. I will definitely try to do mine like yours. Very nice.

  • Samerra Dean

    yeeees I love your brows.... Brows on fleek!!!! #Amen

  • A B

    I need to start wearing ame up. Damn I wasted my youth. :(

  • Stephanie Velazquez

    you made it vary easy to learn how to do then ♡ thank you

  • Shalini Lalchan

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa,one word-GORGEOUS!

  • Yhanie Eight

    What a perfect Eye youve got .. 😝

  • Jhayra Acibes

    I really have a suck eyebrow..How can I fix it??

  • Alisha France

    do u have a tutorial on this eye look?

  • misstexasdiamond

    love the brows. I subscribed.

  • salma Hasan

    this eyes is so beautiful

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