Watercolor Starry Night Sky Demonstration

A full demonstration/tutorial of starry night watercolor sky painting on postcard.

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Music: The Bluest Star - free music downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library
  • Cameron Williams

    that's beautiful!

  • Carol Factor

    I've tried twice to recreate anything close to your beautiful Night Sky watercolor and so far, it looks nothing like yours. The watercolors do not "bleed" out in pretty patterns like yours. I've tried wetting the paper, no wetting the paper, spraying the paper with water, 2 different kinds of watercolors (liquid and cake) and still I am baffled at how to do it.

  • Wildlife in Watercolour by Paul Hopkinson

    I just love the way your colours are so fresh and especially the star effects, lovely work and thank you very much for sharing it. :-)

  • Jolanda de Jong

    are you using watercolour paint with the toothbrush? or do you use something else?

  • Cai Feng Wu

    umm....too many stars and they make the whole picture so weird

  • WhatNow858

    Lovely, simply lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  • Naomi Witzke

    So beautiful! What size round brush did you use?

  • chimene ling

    I did follow your painting steps, thank you so much.

  • steve jaubert

    Bob Ross is looking on from the spirit world with much appreciation!

  • Here Kitty, Kitty

    I'm going to try this today!!!

  • Bujo Thérapie

    is that a chinese lettering brush?Thank you for the demonstration! awesome results

  • I can’t type every group I stan coz it doesn’t fit

    The brush reminds me of calligraphy brushes ...

  • Lynn

    Where can I find the background music? I love this :)

  • stephanie chacko

    I know this is a little late 😂 but did u use acrylic to paint the black mountains at the bottom?

  • Vale

    Thank you Pinterest ♥

  • Seongju Park

    Which paper had you used? I think, for beginners, thick paper is good for watercolor.. :(

  • Devouring Tulips

    What kind of brush is she using?

  • Amelia Staunton

    OMG!! Amazing mate! I would've probably done half of it, screwed it up and then had a tantrum about it! Weldone

  • laxmi salian

    What kind of paper it is

  • Nik Viertmann

    For 2 Years Ive been searching for a technique to bend the colours how i want them too, I might have just found it again.

  • Samira Drini

    love paint star tu

  • Mark Pino

    this is my favorite thanks ive recently taken up painting i always been a pencil guy n my buddy said to see what happens with paints? i dont like the acrylics i believe artists like you can do the same with watercolor. we are just braver. beautiful video!

  • Avisad Ray

    it is so so soooo great!!!! I love watercolor galaxy, I paint it as well )

  • coco loco

    Lobo Sylvestre - you got some serious art coming out a your brush...unique, (most important)...and pleasing...Kudos.

  • Ember

    That was amazing! I'm trying to hone my own painting skills after a year of haitus and trying different mediums, but, as I couldnt find the answer in the comments yet, was the white paint just watercolor? Or was it a thicker paint like Acrylic?

  • Phusuda Sheehan

    @untamedlittlewolf How did you get your colors the blend so well? Do you soak your page before?

  • Carol Factor

    I tried soaking my watercolor paper in water for a while before I painted this and it worked much better for me!

  • francielly vaz

    Wow this is so gorgeous.

  • Annushka Siliveystrova

    That's very beautiful. Thank you.

  • Just a Dreamer

    I'm the only one who find this very satisfying?

  • DragonWizard Gaming

    all I can say is wow....

  • Camilo Espitia

    I've been struggling a lot with my watercolor backgrounds and this was a complete revelation! Thank you so so much for your knowledge!!!!

  • yana pustovit

    Здесь кто то русский язык знает?

  • Carol Factor

    I used 140 lb Watercolor paper and cake watercolors. However, it doesn't bleed so prettily like yours does. Did you soak the paper in water? Or just wet one side? Thank you.

  • SilverWolf012

    is this easy to do this as a beginner?

  • Meena Gupta

    I tried this painting and it's looking fabulous.... thanks a lot for sharing this ..

  • Sayanti Fine Arts

    I tried a similar painting with oil paints ... worked out great - Thanks

  • SHARE H!S V!S!0N

    I love professional water color. This is so beautiful, and I love this music choice.

  • Hyperrealism Art

    very nice and beautiful 👏

  • Sofiya Sytnik

    когда пыталась закрыть рукой но нифига не помогло...

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